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Consumer Protection in the Pharma Industry

Are you battling to defend a life-saving drug or healthcare product from tampering or counterfeiting and secure the entire supply chain?


A well-known pharmaceutical company faces a battle against “close imitation” fake antibiotic medication, being sold on the open market in several African countries. The genuine medicine, used to treat common bacterial infections, is listed by the World Health Organization (WHO) on its essential medicines list. Discovered during a routine surveillance on the quality of medical products in the market, samples were sent for quality assurance testing which revealed that none of the expected active ingredients was present. The packaging and labelling of the product, as well as the product itself are inconsistent with the genuine product, posing a potential health and safety risk to unsuspecting patients.



A combination of visible security features added to the product package in the form of a label. The combined security features are too difficult and expensive for counterfeiters to reproduce, yet easy for end-users (hospitals, clinics, pharmacies etc.) to authenticate.



The extra expense and difficulty of adding security features reduces the risk of counterfeits flooding the market. The visible security features reassure end-users that the product is authentic and safe to use.