In-Material Solution – SICPA

In-Material Solution

A versatile solution providing in-product security for plastics products or packaging.


Are you a plastics manufacturer with an interest in providing end-consumers with a safe product? PLASTIWARD® for plastic articles enables you to check for counterfeits in real-time and take speedy countermeasures when needed.

The benefits

PLASTIWARD® brings counterfeiting protection of plastic articles as close as possible to the end consumers by integrating taggants into your product's polymer masterbatch, complying with required regulations and minimising any impact on production. It is a fully integrated turnkey solution empowering your enforcement team to take swift action against fraud.


Turnkey system

PLASTIWARD® is a robust, customisable and cost-effective turnkey system consisting of:

  • proprietary taggants integrated directly within the polymer masterbatch
  • a handheld detector offering an instant check against counterfeits
  • a secure monitoring platform on smartphone or tablet capturing field
    inspection data, transmitted in real time


Combined expertise

PLASTIWARD® brings together SICPA’s trusted expertise in brand protection technologies and processes, and our partner Avient's recognised expertise in polymer modification with colour and performance additives. PLASTIWARD® is a prime example of how we enable our customers to focus on their core business as we implement security features at the core of their product, without disrupting the supply chain.

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