Invisible Shields for Secure Protection – SICPA

Invisible Shields for Secure Protection

SICPA’s range of proven and patented invisible authentication solutions are designed to safeguard your brands and products from the risks and liabilities of the counterfeit industry.

Security features that are invisible to the naked eye provide a protective shield against the fake goods market, enabling quick and easy detection of fraudulent products by end-users. They can play a vital role in product recall situations, preventing rogue warranty claims, defending the integrity of products and identifying weaknesses in the supply chain, and ultimately protecting brand value and ensuring trust. As the use of invisible technologies has become more widespread, so too has the awareness of counterfeiters. Brand owners should therefore make wise choices by selecting security features from trusted technology suppliers offering proven proprietary solutions and enabling inspection at different levels and locations depending on the company's specific assessment needs.


SICPAGUARD® is a robust machine-readable security solution that encompasses a versatile security marker, integrated into inks or other vehicles, and a handheld detection  device (HDSense), enabling on-the-spot authentication by end-users. It can be linked to a detection platform allowing in-depth inspection monitoring and analytics ensuring maximum surveillance along the supply chain. Based on patented and proprietary technologies, all elements of the solution are developed in-house and are fully customisable.

SICPA OASIS® is a versatile security ink solution offering an oasis of protection on two fronts: invisible and semi-visible. Liquid crystal pigments are used to produce a colour-changing design effect when viewed under a dedicated filter.


FORENSIC TAGGANTS can also be incorporated into the protective solutions mix, providing an additional layer of security for certified analysis by specialist laboratories.