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Liability Assurance in the Electronics Industry

Are you seeking preventive strategies for liability protection and misuse of your brand name/product ?


A leading company in the field of electronics faces a potential legal battle after fake circuit breakers cause fire damage to a customer’s home. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to prove, in court, that the circuit breaker is fake and was not supplied with the original product, in order to avoid possible claims for liability amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The manufacturer must take immediate action to protect against any future claims of this nature.



The manufacturer integrates an invisible security feature in the form of a taggant marker into the plastic housing the circuit breaker thus enabling the product to be securely authenticated.



The use of authentication elements ensures the manufacturer has hard proof in future counterfeit dispute cases, thereby defending itself from potential claims and lost profits, and protecting brand integrity. Such proof can be obtained from the product itself, even if it has been subjected to fire damage.