Resilient Visible Security – SICPA

Resilient Visible Security

Strong visible security is your first line of defence in the fight against counterfeiting. Tactics include eye-catching features that capture attention, trigger interest and enable clear-cut and instinctive authentication.

The most effective features are designed with user preferences, experience and verification practices in mind and can be deployed without the need for prior training. Consumers themselves can be engaged in the authentication process.

SICPA offers a full spectrum of time-tested and innovative visible technologies designed to safeguard your brands and products, and enable immediate and reliable authentication. A combination of visible and invisible solutions provides the best defence against counterfeits.


QUAZAR® – As its name implies, this technology is one of one of our brightest stars, offering vibrant colours and engaging visible effects that are quick and easy for end-users to authenticate. The QUAZAR® label can be designed to feature visible messages or motifs that appear and disappear, motifs that turn on and off, or embedded texts that can be revealed or hidden. Bold colours and original design effects capture attention and bolster successful authentication.


SICPASTAR® is a commanding visible security solution characterised by striking colour-shifting attributes that facilitate instant visual detection.


Green abstract blocks QUAZAR SICPA
Pink background with colourful sticker solutions SICPA QUAZAR
Dark grey background with colourful sticker solution SICPA QUAZAR