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Secure Label Technologies

SICPA’s range of product authentication solutions for labels are designed to safeguard your brands and products from the risks and liabilities of the counterfeit industry.

Take protective action now

We offer a complete portfolio of product authentication technologies, combining time-tested materials and pioneering digital solutions for premium protection. No authentication challenge is too complex for us. Our integrated and customised technologies combine visible and invisible security features on secure labels that are uniquely-tailored to your product, business, market and customer needs.

Invisible features



A security ink solution offering an oasis of protection. Liquid crystal pigments are used to produce
a design effect that changes from green to bright red under a dedicated filter, in this label specimen.



A robust machine-readable security solution that encompasses a versatile security marker, and a handheld detection device, enabling on-the-spot authentication. It can be linked to a detection platform enabling in-depth inspection monitoring and analytics (in this label specimen, SICPAGUARD® is used in combination with UV-fluorescent ink).



Forensic taggants can be incorporated into the secure label for certified analysis by specialised laboratories.


Secure connectivity



Copy-protected by SICPA’s proprietary graphical security technology and responding to the growth in instant smartphone verification, this secure code provides digital protection for your products, with real-time authentication by end-users on a wide range of smartphone devices.