Smart Security Solutions for a Connected World – SICPA

Smart Security Solutions for a Connected World

Protect revenues and limit risks related to counterfeit products with SICPA’s solutions.

SICPA helps secure brands and products through constant innovation. Our visible and invisible security features are now joined by next generation technologies that securely connect goods to the digital space, while protecting product integrity.  This adds a new defensive line in the brand protection battle and enables brands to build direct links with consumers.




The Best Form of Defence

The last thing brands and companies want is to let their guard down. Our solution, which can be combined with other SICPA brand protection security features, adds a third protective layer of defence against counterfeiting with additional built-in capability for brand owners to forge direct links with consumers.


Powered by our Smart Solutions

QR codes and data matrices are increasingly used in the world of packaging. Copy-protected by SICPA’s proprietary graphical security technology,  they can be authenticated in real-time with a simple smartphone scan. They empower consumers to rise as actors in the fight against counterfeits, and enable various field verification mechanisms such as mystery shopping.


Having a secure QR code is one thing, but protecting the value of the information behind it is another

Codes applied on packaging open the door for brands to offer a great digital experience for their consumers. Did you know that thanks to our smart solutions, it is possible to attach trusted digital information such as proof of origin, quality attributes, traceability information and other pertinent information about the product.


Compatible and smooth implementation

  • Fully compatible and complementary with all other SICPA visible and invisible authentication solutions.
  • Compatible with  SICPA security labels.
  • Can be integrated with the brand owner’s packaging machinery and systems.
  • If direct marking is preferred, it can be integrated directly into production lines.


Be smart with just the swipe of a finger

Our instant smartphone authentication app is available on a wide range of smartphone devices. We understand the importance of consumer engagement, and so we made scanning not only robust but also simple.