Overt security is the first barrier against counterfeiting and the most effective overt features are those that engage the general public and inspectors without prior training. QUAZAR commands a unique position in the security labels market by doing just that and more.

Fighting Fakes Together

Combining SICPA’s strengths in security ink technologies together with our partners, REYNDERS and CB Printed Technology's expertise in label printing, the ultimate security label solution comes in the form of QUAZAR to reinforce brand protection.


Visually-Engaging Labels

Ideal for businesses requiring the most exclusive secure labels and for brands and products commanding major stakes, QUAZAR security labels are available in a wide spectrum of colours and can be customised into aesthetically creative labels corresponding to the design specifications and colour precision for strategic product branding and protection.

Key Features


Strong visual impact

Capture attention & reinforce authentication efficiency


Design & creativity

Enhance the authentication experience


Eye-catching effects

Easy to authenticate by tilting

A Comprehensive Service Package

Design and integration

SICPA supports your fully customisable label creation with our design and integration expertise to support optimal colour, logo and messaging in the most compact label format; smart designs with connectivity are also possible

Training workshops and technical support

SICPA provides technical support to ensure signal strength, optimal machine readability and adhesion on any given substrate. Workshops are provided to designers, issuing authorities, inspectors and law enforcement agents.

After-sales maintenance

The calibration and maintenance of QUAZAR and system components are ensured by SICPA team of experts throughout the lifecycle of products and documents integrated with QUAZAR.


The ultimate security label solution

Delivers a complete security concept with a combination of security components such as specially formulated inks based on intellectual property protected technologies to specialised label printing equipment, and more

Optimal design for optimal performance

Can be designed to feature messages that appear and disappear, motifs that turn on and off, or embedded texts that can be revealed or hidden – all while being achieved in a wide range of vibrant colours

Fully complementary for combined security

Can complement, and is recommended to be paired with other security features, such as machine-readable solution SICPAGUARD, UV fluorescence, SICPA OASIS, forensic features and more

Accredited security printers

Accredited QUAZAR security printers work under a special agreement with SICPA and have experience of audits and regulations, particularly for the pharmaceutical industry


Download the perception study

This study, conducted by Jane Raymond, consumer psychologist and expert in visual & emotional cognition, provides the first concrete evidence that the use of security labels with overt features offers a way forward to engage consumers to easily and confidently authenticate a product in the fight against counterfeit goods.

Protect your product

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