While you invest in smart packaging, counterfeiters are becoming smarter at imitating your investments. Next generation security solutions assures product integrity, protects revenue, builds brand reputation and maintains consumer loyalty.

What is REVEO?

REVEO is a digital brand protection solution for smart packaging that uses a real-time smartphone verification solution to help brands stay ahead of the pack by connecting physical products with digital experiences.


We protect the value of your information behind the secure QR code

Copy-protected by CUPSIA, SICPA’s proprietary graphical security technology, the secure QR code can be verified in real-time with a quick scan of your smartphone. It provides a protective layer of defence against illicit activities. With additional built-in capability for brand owners to forge direct links with consumers, REVEO goes a step further protecting the information behind the secure QR code, hence enabling high levels of trust.

Key Features


Actionable insights

Empowers brand owners to take interactive action


Joined product integrity

Connects both digital and physical


Real-time smartphone verification

Protects your revenues and reputation

A Comprehensive Service Package

Labels design and personalisation

SICPA offers a team of graphists and printing experts with global exposure in currencies and governmental documents. Designed together with the customer's needs, the team ensures high-quality production and optimal functionality.


The REVEO software is a service offering regular updates and bug fixes. Full maintenance of data is managed and stored in a segregated space located in the REVEO IT infrastructure, ensuring full security and business continuity.

Secure printing and coding

SICPA and its network of security feature production facilities, security printers and coding centres, offers business continuity and uninterrupted delivery.

Customer services

SICPA provides extensive customer support around the world, allowing smooth customer onboarding with trainings, and availability to process incoming support.


Real-time smartphone verification

Protects products against fraud thanks to SICPA’s proprietary anti-copy secure QR code technology, CUPSIA, while providing real-time and easy-to-use verification with instant response through smartphones.

Scalable solution

Adapts to various existing and continuously changing smartphone models by assessing technology updates regularly. In addition, the REVEO Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) eliminates software installation and maintenance inconvenience.

Fully complementary for combined security

REVEO can complement, and is recommended to be paired with other SICPA authentication solutions including QUAZAR, SICPA OASIS and SICPAGUARD, and can be integrated on all SICPA security labels.

Protection for various market segments

Smart Packaging together with REVEO aids brand owners in various industries such as cosmetics, pharma, wine and spirits, lubricants and automotive spareparts, consumer goods and consumer electronics.

Protect your product

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DISCLAIMER: REVEO, CUPSIA, QUAZAR, SICPA OASIS and SICPAGUARD is a trademark of SICPA HOLDING SA, registered in Switzerland or otherwise protected by law.