Offering robust machine-readable security for instant authentication, SICPAGUARD encompasses a versatile security marker, integrated into inks or other vehicles, and a handheld detection device, enabling on-the-spot authentication by end-users.

A to Z Robustness

SICPAGUARD is a vertically integrated machine-readable security system for document and product authentication that can be customised for different detection situations, project sizes and cost structures.



SICPAGUARD HDSense is a handheld detection device enabling on-the-spot authentication by end-users. Launched in 2019, it has since protected industries, brands and governments by successfully being implemented in security audits for luxury goods, food & beverages, textiles, electronics, plastics and pharmaceuticals.

Key Features


A vertical integration

Single system for versatile applications


Connectivity capabilities

Instant authentication & quality control


Counterfeit robustness

High security & detection efficiency


A Comprehensive Service Package

Design and integration

SICPA supports your customised solution from beginning to end with our dedicated team offering various design and security measures for optimal integration and detection.

Training workshops and technical support

SICPA provides technical support to ensure signal strength, optimal machine readability and adhesion on any given substrate. Workshops are provided to designers, issuing authorities, inspectors and law enforcement agents.

After-sales maintenance

The calibration and maintenance of SICPAGUARD HDSense and system components are ensured by SICPA team of experts throughout the lifecycle of products and documents integrated with SICPAGUARD.

Chemical analysis and forensic services

SICPA has a dedicated team of material scientists to assist police and issuing authorities in carrying out chemical analysis of suspect documents and products, and in detecting the presence or absence of SICPAGUARD markers.


In-product and direct product marking

SICPAGUARD security markers can be incorporated into various materials and objects. Because security is built directly in them, they can be distinguished from other materials on the market.

Versatile ink series

SICPAGUARD security inks are versatile on a multitude of printing processes and substrates, thus adaptable to unique design, process and printing needs.

Enhanced field authentication tools

Enables greater data capture and verification capability, the SICPA HORIZON™ inspection platform allows inspectors to access information on licensees being inspected from anywhere and record data in real time.

Protection for various market segments

Fully compliant with industry standards, SICPAGUARD allows machine-readable protection for government uses, excise duty, banking, public and private sectors, industries and brands


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