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Having done successful work with international clients across major industries, enabling trust always has and always will be at the heart of what we do.


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No authentication challenge is too complex for us. Our time-tested and new generation technologies are uniquely tailored to your product, business, market and customer needs to protect any counterfeiting threats throughout the supply chain, shielding you from losses and liabilites while safeguarding your reputation and consumer trust.

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An epidemic of fake products is bringing on real dangers to this multi-billion-dollar industry, leaving no room for error.


Step on the brakes to counter fakes as counterfeit automotive parts are driving the industry towards the wrong path.

Wines and Spirits

The lethal boost in counterfeit booze is bringing the battle with the bottle fatal consequences.

Luxury and Watchmaking

They say imitation is a form of flattery, and counterfeiters are keeping a watchful eye in making sure that they don't go out of style.

Electrical and Electronics

The E&E industry is known to be lucrative, making it an easy target for counterfeits to step in and take power.

Fast-moving Consumer Goods

Counterfeit FMCG products are picking up speed in creating backlash towards major companies.


Fraudulent activity keeps this sector from growing, making it crucial to get at the root cause of the counterfeiting problem.


Health dangers and revenue loss are just some of the harsh realities being faced by consumers and brand owners.


Product and Brand Protection

As a trusted marking features and customised ready-to-use labels provider, our secure brand protection technologies and solutions includes an array of security labels, security inks and security devices that work individually and in unison to safeguard your brand and products from the risks and liabilities of the counterfeit industry.

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