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Enabling trust lies at the heart of what we do. For almost a century, we have worked with governments, central banks, high security printers and industry – providing secured identification, traceability and authentication solutions and services.

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Brand Protection

Are you battling to defend your product from counterfeiting? Are you seeking preventive strategies for liability protection and misuse of your brand name or product? Are you looking for news way to engage with your customers and build trust?

Our Values at a Glance


Discreetly dynamic

We work in high confidentiality and with the utmost discretion


Responsibly pioneering

We constantly innovate to stay ahead of those involved in counterfeiting practices


Continuous commitment

We take pride in anticipating your needs, irrespective of the difficulty involved

SICPA Excellence

Why we do what we do

Reputations, economies and lives are at risk from the growing menace of counterfeits – costing companies and brands trillions of dollars in lost opportunity and liability every year. Making the world more secure for each and every citizen is our business purpose and what motivates us to protect you.

Why we are good at it

Our secure technologies include unique and sophisticated visible, invisible and connectivity features to help you:

  • authenticate products
  • protect against liability
  • ensure supply chain integrity
  • engage and retain customers
  • safeguard reputation and consumer trust

Who We Are and Where We Work


Active customers with a worldwide footprint

+3 billion

Products marked in 2021 for product & brand protection


Mio security labels sold directly to brand owners


Staff members


Offices across the world

Latest cutting edge

Anti-counterfeiting and product authentication solutions include first line of defence science technologies and a new generation of connectivity solutions, providing a second defensive line in the brand protection battle.

What can I do next?

Looking into making or improving your brand protection strategy but don't know where to start? We'll do it for you – meeting your unique product, market and customer needs. Get in touch with one of our experts to request a free demo.